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Doreen Gehrke

abstract and surreal art with exceptions in realism

My Story

In 2015 I was painting for my family for fun – for a birthday or Christmas. A year later, I decided to take painting a little more seriously and even opened a YouTube channel on which I show the painting processes of many paintings in short videos. From the beginning I tried different media – watercolors, oils, acrylics, mixed media and others. My motifs are mostly abstract and surreal. But if I have a good photo on hand, I also paint in realism. Currently I`m offering some paintings on Etsy.  They can also be purchased as retail designs for various products on Society6, Redbubble and DeviantArt. If you want to support my art, do it on Patreon. I offer many different rewards there and you would learn a lot about my painting process. I also have a profile on Behance and show there some of my projects, mainly painting series. If you like to get a complete overview of all created artworks, I recommend to head over to my DeviantArt. In addition, I there is another YouTube channel, where I show how I color coloring books. Of course, this is not a serious matter and is only intended for relaxation. But if you are interested, then have a look. And if you would like me to give you more information about my artworks, just contact me by email.

On YouTube