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Sun is shining and sky is blue.
How this loveliness is laughing, is laughing about me and about you!

They killed my family, killed everyone, killed brothers, sisters, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, everyone.
They tracked me into the forest, tracked me, hounded me, hounded everyone.

Some of us could escape, escape, but for what prize?
Some of us hide, hide like animals, hide in the forest.

Waiting, waiting for what? That they catch us, rape us, kill us?
Waiting, waiting for what? For dying? For living? For Gods helping hand?

Shouldn`t I fight against them? Trace them, kill them?
Shouldn`t I take revenge on them? Trace them, kill them?

How shall I live? Live in doing nothing, doing nothing as waiting?
How shall I live? Not rather dying as a fighter than dying of hunger, of disease?

Don`t I deserve justice? Yes, I do.
Don`t I deserve revenge? Yes, I do.
But as a child, what can I do?
Become like them? Kill like them? Get an animal like them?

No, I can`t fight and I don`t want to fight.
But I can try to live, I can try to survive.
Yes, this is what they try to avoid.
And yes, this is my REVENGE.


Unverkäufliches Gedicht von Doreen Gehrke. Die Verwendung dieses Gedichts, ob nun auszugsweise oder in vollem Umfang, ist ohne schriftlicher Zustimmung von Doreen Gehrke urheberrechtswidrig. Auch eine Übersetzung der Gedichts sowie die Verwendung in elektronischen Systemen ist strafbar.