For a long time I had a bad white frame around and never really knew what I should paint to a white frame. Until I remembered that I had bought a Rust Iron Primer just as long ago, because I wanted to try it sometime. So at some point I had the frame ready and thought of a suitable motive. Painting Mars with metallic paints may not have been the best idea, but I think it fits quite well with the rusty-looking frame. Tastes are different. I worked with three different pastes. With two pastes, I have designed the surface, with the texture paste that is very coarse-grained I could shape the craters and mountains quite well emphasizing. This is how a small 3D effect was created. For space, I thought the graphite paste could fit very well, but unfortunately it does not shimmer as much as the manufacturer offers. But all in all, I’m completely satisfied, and now I have a new painting on the shelf.