For this painting I used neon acrylic paints from Daler-Rowney from the Simply series. I had them lying in my drawer for a long time and thought that they are just right for a new floral painting. And again they are poppies. Unfortunately, the neon paints are very fluid and transparent, which is why I had to apply several layers. And then they were way too glaring for me, and I’ve added more shade and texture to the petals than I had previously planned. Furthermore, I had previously tested the additional glow paint and was not satisfied. That’s why I did not use it for the picture. For the background I have used the alcohol technique and find that it fits well with the neon poppies. In between, I applied a layer of acrylic binder twice to preserve the applied layers. Overall, I am quite satisfied with the result, but I will not use these neon paints anymore.