This painting is the second in a series of iceflowers. I did not record the painting process from the first painting. At that time I had not produced any videos yet. However, I have a section called Portfolio Art Series on my website. There you will find both paintings of this series as well as other started or completed series. Back to this painting. It is to convey to the viewer, he would look through a frozen window in a dark winter landscape. If the windowpane is very cold from both sides, and the air outside is very cold and humid, iceflowers will form. However, this effect is rarely seen, because the windows are so well insulated nowadays. I am not satisfied with the canvas by Fredrix at all. I often try other products, but that was really a bad buy. I had to apply several coats of gesso and smoothen the surface with sandpaper. In addition, the linen is very thin.