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Decline of old manners,

Appearance of new manners –

Time has changed.


Once, shame without conscience was unthinkable.

But what was used to be unthinkable is today what, reality?


Exhibitionism by performers –

Voyeurism by the audience.


Sense of shame and need for intimacy are only relicts of former times?


It seems, as if shame is a property we had to get rid of.

It seems, as if the ability of feeling shame became a new virtue.


How is it called – this virtue? Uptightness? Prudery?


And no longer only prominent figures headline themselves,

Present the simplest pornography.

There is an intent on getting merchantable.


More and more people today

Do not avoid emotional or physical nakedness, and

Are not shy of any mortification.


The world is flooded by NARCISM –

Nothing else is more important than self-realization and cultivation of own needs.

The world is flooded by everybody`s everyday life –

The need for informing others is inexhaustible.


And there is this ADDICTION –

An addiction of nakedness

That belongs to our today`s life.


Everywhere, emotions and bodies are exhibited uninhibitedly,

Secrets are disclosed to everyone –

Frivolously and recklessly.

People invade the darkest end of the private life of others.


What rules today is a culture of SHAMELESSNESS,

A culture of disrespect,

A culture of irreverence, and

A culture of invalidation of ideals.


Today it seems, as if you have to be shameless TO BE AUTHENTIC.


Unverkäufliches Gedicht von Doreen Gehrke. Die Verwendung dieses Gedichts, ob nun auszugsweise oder in vollem Umfang, ist ohne schriftlicher Zustimmung von Doreen Gehrke urheberrechtswidrig. Auch eine Übersetzung des Gedichts sowie die Verwendung in elektronischen Systemen ist strafbar.