Every time and always when I have to leave you there,

It`s like … as if my heart split into pieces.


Every time and all day long that I don`t know what happen to you there,

It´s like … as if I lose my head in fear for you.


I count the hours, count the minutes and count the seconds,

Till I can pick you up and make you enjoying the rest of the day.


But I wish I could do and be more for you,

I wish that …

I would be good.


That I would play with you, if no one there plays with you.

That I would make you feel loved, if no one there embraces and comforts you.

That I would make you know, there`s someone in the world who cares about you, if no one there pays attention to you.


That I would make you think – I am good, I am important.



Unverkäufliches Gedicht von Doreen Gehrke. Die Verwendung dieses Gedichts, ob nun auszugsweise oder in vollem Umfang, ist ohne schriftlicher Zustimmung von Doreen Gehrke urheberrechtswidrig. Auch eine Übersetzung des Gedichts sowie die Verwendung in elektronischen Systemen ist strafbar.