In this painting I wanted to find out how gum arabic behaves with watercolor. First, I dripped clear gum arabic on a very wet colored surface. In this process, the watercolor is displaced and a bright garland and bright center are formed in the circular surface of the drop. The dried gum arabic sparkles and feels very smooth. On top of the again moistened paper I dropped a mixture of gum arabic and watercolor in champagne gold in the centers of the circular surfaces. This time, the drops on the paper had not broadened so much. The resulting texture reminded me of jellyfish, so I used a very small brush to suggest the tentacles by extracting some gum arabic mixture from the jellyfish centers. Doreen.


– watercolor paper stretcher by Bromley
– VANG watercolor paper, 30 x 40 cm, natural white, matt, 300 g/m², smooth surface
– water spray bottle small
– watercolor paint by Nevskaya Palitra from the series „White Nights“ in Azure
– gum arabic medium by Winsor & Newton
– watercolor brushes by daVinci from the series Cosmotop Spin round No. 12, 5 and from the series NOVA synthetics round No. 2
– Gansai Tambi „Starry Colors“ by Kuretake water-based Pigments (similar to metallic watercolor paint) in Champagne Gold

Video production – Doreen Gehrke
Music – The Stars Look Different (Ziggy Stardust Mix) by spinningmerkaba (c) copyright 2016 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: stefsax and Dimitri Artemenko