In this painting, I wanted to use the foil technique on the entire surface and just look how it looks like and what I can do with it. I created two layers using this technique. The second time I moistened the painting with colored water. Otherwise, I would have had to moisten the painting first with water and then have to go over the surface with a brush. I would have blurred a few structures of the first layer and I wanted to prevent that. Then I painted with iridescent medium small forms, just how I wanted, without a plan. I continued with painting further small forms with a red-orange metallic watercolor paint, because this color is complimented with the green. There was no name on the color palette, but it looks like Sienna. In doing so, I have made sure that these forms lie directly against the forms painted with the iridescent medium. Looking at the painting I recognize birds that I have bordered in the video. Maybe you recognize them too. I am very fond of the foil technique and will certainly use it even more frequently when painting abstract watercolors. Doreen.

– watercolor paper stretcher by Bromley
– VANG (Art Select) watercolor paper, 30 x 40 cm, natural white, matt, 300 g/m², smooth surface
– water spray bottle small
– plastic foil
– watercolor paints by Nevskaya Palitra from the series „White Nights“ in Esmerald Green
– watercolor brush by daVinci from the series Cosmotop Spin round No. 12
– iridescent medium by Winsor & Newton
– metallic watercolor paint by Yasutomo (Red-Orange, like Sienna)

Video production – Doreen Gehrke
Music – Don`t Look by Silent Partner YouTube Audio Library